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The History of Spectrum


Steven L. Sisler and David Powell established spectrum Irrigation Consulting in 1994. They bring together 70 plus years of combined service and experience in the Irrigation Industry.  Spectrum I.C. has been involved in projects throughout  Arizona, the US and around the world. Our Clients range from local Landscape Architects, Architects, Developers, Local Governments, Home Owner Associations, Property Managers and Golf Course Architects.    


In the beginning, Spectrum I. C. focused on providing our prospective clients with a service to review irrigation system designs completed by their office.  The early 90's were tough and many Landscape Architectural firms did not have the workload to allow outsourcing of their irrigation system designs.  Spectrum I. C. provided a service to review their irrigation system designs, to insure their designs utilized proper equipment, adequate pipe sizing and efficient sprinkler head spacing to meet the strict standards they required. 


 Spectrum I. C. evolved in the mid 90's to assemble a group of young people to assist us in our development of a comprenhensive irrigation-consulting firm.  At one time Spectrum I. C. employed four very responsible and knowledgeable individuals who provided Spectrum I. C. with a very aggressive and completive solution for our clients. 


In the beginning of the new century, Spectrum I. C. began to specialize in specific types of projects, working with large Master Plan communities, Golf Courses, Schools and Commercial projects.  With these changes, Steve and Dave took on more responsibilities in the design of the systems and eventually accepted the total design responsibilities.  This enabled Spectrum I. C. to join the commuting era and move all our services to each of our residents.  This enabled us to take advantage of many things, but specifically to aid in our ability to eliminate our drive time and cut our cost of operations to a minimum without affecting our abilities to provide top quality services to our clients.


2010 brings a new era to Spectrum I. C., with the depression lingering, we have taken this opportunity to diversify and build on our knowledge of water conservation designs.  We have developed a very comprehensive list of services that can assist all our clients in their pursuit of conserving water and acheive a sustainable design.  




  Spectrum eliminates the fax line.
 As new technology advances, old technology is put aside.  Spectrum Irrigation Consulting, Inc. has eliminated our fax number in favor of the new technology, sending images via email. If you have any difficulties with this, please contact us.

 A New Decade brings about big changes to Spectrum I. C.

Please see our Water Management section or contact us for information on how Spectrum I. C. can assist your site in promoting conservation by having a Water Audit performed.  We can assemble a Watering Schedule from the water audit that can be implemented by your Maintenance Personnel or managed by our Third Party Water Manager Program.